Registration is now open for Summer Youth Production.

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Peter Pan Flyer

Disney’s Peter Pan JR, is now open for registration through the Fridley Community Education youth enrichment program.

Students will learn music, dialogue and choreography for a fully staged production with set, lights and costumes. Everyone who enrolls will perform on stage. Participants will audition for cast roles during the first day of the class. Rehearsals will be June 12-30, M-F, 12:30 -4:00 pm.Performances will be June 30 at 7 pm and July 1 at 2 pm. Please bring a snack to each rehearsal. Attendance is expected at every rehearsal. Due to the small number of rehearsals, missing any hurts the student’s performance and hinders the momentum of the production. If you anticipate any absence from the rehearsals or will miss a performance, please contact Rachel Cathey at or Dan Wold at to ensure that your plans do not conflict with the needs of the production.